Physicians for India


Do you have a team in India to run your operations?

Yes. We have a team in India, led by the local residents and alumni of University College of Medical Sciences in collaboration with local NGOs. The collective team helps us to coordinate the logistics of delivery of supplies to those who need it.

Are there any administrative expenses of your organization?

None. This is a volunteer run organization with no overheads. Any administrative expense or overhead will be borne by the founding members. 100% of donations will be given to those in need.

How would you ensure supplies are not stuck in customs?

We are fortunate to have UCMS alumni who have been in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and can resolve issues with Customs. We are also gathering corporate support to ensure that our deliveries ahave the smoothest logistics.

What are your criteria for selecting recipients for the donations?

Our team in India has a large network with hospitals and non-profits. Our selection criteria are based on the number of COVID patients treated by the organization, level of care provided (ICU versus floor versus outpatient), and a clear plan to utilize our supplies.

We entered information on your site. How can we get updates?

We are a volunteer-run organization. All requests are entered in our database and we have a diligent team working through it. If it’s been 48 hours since you submitted information and no one has contacted you, please send an email to